Build your Squish Dog Bed



Product Description

Single radius form designed to provide a comforting environment for your dog. The topper detail has a Squish in the middle of the hand shaped solid wood, in case your dog prefers symmetry.

All beds have a wood grain laminate adhered to a bent plywood base, edges are “outlined” in black paint and sealant. Hand shaped solid wood enhances each design either in the legs or “toppers”. The selection of laminate and type of solid wood is customized to suit your preference and aesthetic. Stylish upholstery covers wrapped memory foam over a denser foam base, removable for wash when needed. Cushions snap onto the surface to hold in place.

All dog beds are made to order. Please allow approximately 4 weeks until date of delivery.

Everyone has their own favorite cause to donate to, us included…we actually have several. Barkiture donates 5% of the proceeds from each bed sold. While that’s a good thing, here’s an even better thing – YOU get to choose where the donation goes to (we just ask that it’s to help other animals). Not sure who to donate to? We would be more than happy to select one for you.


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