Of course, send us an email with the size you have in mind or give us a call and we can discuss what would best fit your needs. Also, check out Three-Headed Monster in Large, it’s pretty spacious!

Each bed is made with a particular pet size in mind. In saying that, we have personally tested them with 200 lbs.

Every cushion has a top layer of memory foam.  If you prefer for the entire cushion to be only memory foam, please contact us directly.

It would depend on how customized. Give us a call or email with request.

Yes, however, we would not be able to guarantee wear-ability or wash- ability. We personally test and sometimes pre-shrink fabrics before they are sewn into cushion covers. We would just ask for a sample to be sent to us prior so we can assess it.

There are some dogs that are happy to sleep anywhere and then there are others that have to have the perfect setting with perfect lighting. Our suggestion is to first remove the old bed so it’s no longer an option. Then with positive reinforcement coax your dog onto the new bed. One of our dogs really didn’t want anything to do with it until we removed his old bed and then placed it next to a chair so he could be properly pampered while lounging.

No. The laminate over the bent plywood base is not weather proof and while the upholsteries vary in being water repellent, none are waterproof.

While we do not make additional items for kitties, who’s to say they can’t use these beds? Tell them it’s for the dog and I’m sure they will immediately claim it for their own. It will be our secret.

The cushion unsnaps from the base and the foam is easily removable by unzipping the back. The cover should be washed in cold water and hung up to dry. DO NOT PLACE IN THE DRYER.