After spending years building one-of-a kind pieces of furniture for people, we decided to combine our love of dogs with our love of furniture into designing & building furniture for dogs. We have 3 rescue dogs acquired from various locations and scenarios. As you could imagine there were dog beds everywhere! While we love our dogs, we do not allow them on our furniture (they aren’t always as clean as we would like). And those beds would get picked up when company came over because quite frankly they weren’t the prettiest. So what’s a furniture maker to do but to design and build interesting, creative furniture that you would like to have in your house and is specifically for your furry little friend.


Our first dog came to us from the ASPCA in Baltimore. He is probably the most demanding, neediest, thinks you’re his best friend if you look at him, knucklehead. Coal is a combination of equal parts energy and love.


Fast-forward a year later and on the west coast, we decided Coal needed a friend to keep him company. Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco had so many to choose from, Coal ended up preferring a brother to the sister that we originally went to see. In honor of the rescue group, we named the second one Rocket. Rocket is the youngest, most well behaved and frequently acts like the old man on the porch shaking his fist at the other two. He’s the one everyone wants to take home.


Just when you think you’re done, you see a picture of a dog that just tugs at your heart. Our last addition, GG, which stands for Good Girl – not always applicable, came to us from a very sad pound outside of Los Banos (where?!). She’s a lovable little spitfire that occasionally acts like she doesn’t understand English and that the rules do not apply to her.


Everyone has their own favorite cause to donate to, us included…we actually have several. Barkiture donates 5% of the proceeds from each bed sold. While that’s a good thing, here’s an even better thing – YOU get to choose where the donation goes to (we just ask that it’s to help other animals). Not sure who to donate to? We would be more than happy to select one for you.